Looking at Nigeria and the prospects for 2012, the natural and easy outlook would be to expect doom. Two issues especially make that view understandable: Boko Haram and fuel subsidy arguments. There is more to a year than these duo though.

As a people, we would be doing our country and ourselves a lot of good by focusing on what could be better instead of what has been made bad. Where is the best place to start the process of national development? You probably guessed right, the individual. Whether or not a country attains its goals and visions is primarily a function of its people. We have a responsible to develop our individual capacities in the coming year. It is not enough to go ballistic when those at the helm get things wrong when on the personal level you are not doing the right things too.

If Nigeria is good it is the people, if it is bad it is certainly the people. That is the truth. Our country is blessed and we must begin to focus on self-development and never give up on our nationhood. The government may not always get things right – no government in the world has that ability but we must help to improve governance by positively contributing our quota to national development.

This is a positive way to look at the year. Look at it from what you expect from your end. Yes, you are one of only hundreds of millions of Nigerians but look at yourself as a nation in itself. Imagine, taking up the challenge of communicating the strength and beauty of our country with fellow Nigerians and people you come across. That communication would always be more effective when it is done via your actions.

Nigerians are shining across the world despite our country’s not-so-good global image. We are her ambassadors not those paid to do the job. We are the people that define the perception people have of our country. We have a responsibility to start redefining that perception. Will Nigeria be great again? Better ask will I be a great Nigerian? If your answer is yes, then you stand a good stead of believing in the future greatness of Nigeria.

Through all the days, months and years of corruption, bad governance and conflicts , our country remains one. We will be one even in the years ahead. Every country has been through times like these. Some lost their identity after that while others stayed strong and stayed as one. So far, Nigeria looks like it is staying strong. The least you can do as a citizen is to believe in the future of our great country.

Belief comes with action. In 2012, be the Nigerian you desire to see in every Nigerian. You are the greatness Nigeria looks forward to.