I read a tweet yesterday from a smart young lady,that caught my attention and i felt there was no better time to Blog about this : ” RT  @Miss_Jayla @dreeee1 what kind of compassion? The type the west has for Africa? Where they just see us as hungry ppl who can’t do anything 4 themselves? “

She had a point.We have always been termed “consumers” (Eg in Russia) because we hardly produced nor rendered any major services BUT things are changing for the better.

I read about a businessman from the Eastern side of Nigeria who now runs a company making cars en mass,just to say the least.These things can definitely mean one thing.PROGRESS.

As the Yoruba people say “Nkan ti a n wa ni SOKOTO,o wa ni apo SOKOTO” — what you seek in Sokoto state,is probabaly right there in the pocket of your trousers (close to home),this post pin-points the few, that we come across  in our day-to-day life.


We live in an age when to be young and to be indifferent can be no longer synonymous. We must prepare for the coming hour. The claims of the Future are represented by suffering millions; and the Youth of a Nation are the trustees of Posterity.

Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881) British politician and author.

“The youth are the future of tomorrow.”

Many of us are familiar with this phrase. In truth it has been drummed into our ears right from primary school where we heartily chanted it every morning on the assembly ground. In secondary school, we are further exposed to this concept in subjects like Social Studies. We use it in passing without realizing the full potential of our words until something snaps. Then we realize that the future we so often talk about is now. Now is the time to act and be relevant. This heralds the drive towards self empowerment.

For some the motivation is unemployment, for others its a hobby they suddenly decide to take on full time. For some it emanates from dissatisfaction at work and for others, money or the search of it, is the breaking point. For whatever reason Nigerian youths in recent times are coming into the full realization of the need to be self employed. Suddenly it dawns on them the greatness inside of them which will benefit the country at large should it be allowed to manifest. So much so is their romance with this notion of self empowerment that some have quit their jobs and started up enterprises all in a bid to have something they can call their own.

In a country like Nigeria where a large number of people fall between the age bracket of 18-35, we live in a youth populated economy. With a high percentage of youths veering into one business/project or the other, the gap between employers and employees has been bridged in such a way that the employer and the employee are one and the same. He or she works for him/herself and as such becomes both owner and staff. With the proliferation of businesses owned by youths comes the need to equip themselves in such a way that they will stay ahead in their chosen fields. This is done through workshops and seminars on entrepreneurship which most times have a large turnout of participants. And so it spreads. Other youths catch the fire and seek for ways in which they too can set up themselves and a cycle is formed. This cycle produces entrepreneurs who motivate and mentor other potential entrepreneurs and the wheel is oiled so much so that the process of training and turning out entrepreneurs becomes business in itself.

From politics to photography to cosmetology; architecture to fashion designing, hardly will one see a profession in which a youth hasn’t dabbled into. So much have youths permeated into industries that youth owned businesses now pose a threat to the existing ones who are ridden with corruption and mismanagement and if care is not taken will be run out of business by youths in the same field of endeavors.

Take fashion, names like iamisigo, Fablanebyderin, ,Jo Black Craze, Onyx and Pearl, Ayaba Creations, Fablanebyderin and Laba.Lábá are some of the names to look out for. On the the photography front we have Lakin.O,Taemib Photography, “wotn” (we own the night) movement- a group of young talented photographers from the motherland “who got their lenses on you” as they like to say, Isi Gaaga and a host of others doing big things in that area, Obi Somto, Faridah Kekere-Ekun,Kayode Adegbola.

On the entertainment scene,, we have artistes like Funbi, Beazy,Seun Oni,Adey,Kanebi and Rilwan, to name a few, already hitting the airwaves.Producers like Kidkonnect, Adey, Samklef, Ife (Headphones),

In cosmetology we have Itunu umar-Lawal of Naturalsaturday.

In the political arena, Enough is Enough Nigeria nonpartisan coalition of individuals and youth-led organizations is committed to instituting a culture of transparency and public accountability in Nigeria by using technology for advocacy, activism and youth mobilization, RSVP.

Outside the box, we have projects like Gidilounge an online Radio station making headlines,Funturf Soccer Fiesta, a football tournament organised by Tactics IQ Limited mixing the elements of sports and entertainment into a fun package; The Underground, an initiative by the Inner Circle group which provides a platform for up and coming talents to showcase their gifts; The M.A.D fashion charity show, a fusion of fashion and music for a charitable course; all these at the same time doubling as a social ground in which youths can gather, meet and network.

I for one, am very impressed with the strides Nigerian youths are taking to ensure they stay relevant. At this rate, I will not be surprised in the near future to see youths breaking grounds in which our fathers only dreamed of. The likes of the Wilbur brothers, Bill Gates and Martin Luther King Jnr are in our midst and like soldiers they are marching forth in all their glory poised to take Nigeria to greater heights.

I’m proud to be a Nigerian youth.

Tomiwa Oladele