Hi All,

I believe I should start out with a bit of information about myself and also set frames of reference and/or common grounds in order to either agree (in subsequent posts) or agree to disagree rather than having lots of unnecessary arguments and disagreements only to find out that we have been saying the same things all along but from different points of view.

Personal Information:

I am a Nigerian Citizen living in Nigeria.

Frames of Reference:

I believe wholeheartedly in Nigeria my country, I believe there certainly is a future worth living and dieing for.

I love my country firecely.

I am not denying the presence and proliferation of ills ,vices and other negative happenings in my country, neither am I promoting /condoning them.

I believe practically every Nigerian (at home and abroad) can enunciate, articulate and analyse my country’s problems (albeit inaccurately sometimes). Even non-Nigerians have become experts in the subject of “negative-Nigeria”.

On a global scale, my country’s name has become synonymous with certain negative practices and vices.It has become so bad that people who have never met me in person , typify ,stereotype and categorise me on the basis of news about Africa and Nigeria in particular (whether the news be true or not)- Some even think Africa is a country (what ignorance!!).

However, I am of the opinion that my country is full of wonders (starting from the wonderful and resourceful people to the breadthtaking landscape and natural environment that the King Creator has blessed my country). Therefore,I leave the job of analysis to the experts.Rather,I “Choose” to see and showcase the good things about my country.

I choose to start with the “enterprise of me” rather than the “enterprise of them/they”.I intend to work my way to having men and women joining hands in not just analysing our problems (many they are) but proffering solutions and more importantly, moving from “TALK to WALK” – Execute on action plans that have impact on moving us to a nation to be proud of. Make no mistakes, I am prepared to “WALK” alone if need be.

I choose to see “allthatisgoodaboutnigeria”.
Will you care to join me?